If you really care

“Un’altra splendida melodia. E’ un’interpretazione tra le più coinvolgenti, sempre sul filo dell’emozione. Soltanto voce e chitarra acustica, ma con una resa di suono nettamente superiore a quella delle altre incisioni.”

Giancarlo Susanna

If You Really Care

I wake up
We break up
Tears on your sheets
The light strikes and
You fall down
Down on your knees

Nothing to be said
Now you can be free
Just wash up and head down
Out in the street

Another day

More hatred more
I’ve waited
Outside your door
You scream and shout
And then you
Come back for more

Nothing to be said
Now you can be free
Don’t forget to burn down
Your memories

If you really care now
Just walk on straight and don’t turn back your head now
Don’t you ever say you’re sorry
‘ Cause it’s dead so don’t you worry never more

If you really care now
Don’t wait till tomorrow
You can burn down the house if it can help you conquer
Your pain and your sorrow