The school named after Christian is located in a residential area of Anzio, overlooking the sea and in a dominant position compared to the rest of the environment. The facility was built according to the principles of modern architecture and the colors characterizing it (white/yellow/blue) create a very joyful and bright visual impact.
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It hosts 750 students attending high school in several 60 square meter classrooms.
In addition to these, modern and equipped laboratories have been built to teach music, foreign languages, chemistry, physics and computer science.
A new recording studio and a modern satellite station have recently been added.
The computer lab is particullary important thanks to his great number of modern pcs and a network that covers the entire building: the school helps the students to develop and increase their knowledge of computer systems.

Another important element of the school is the Multimedia Library, with his lecture rooms, audio-video lounge and 13 internet points.

At the center of the building, a large 200 square meter great hall is currently used for plays, conferences, video projectons and entertainment. (continued)

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