It is impossible to say what would have happened to Christian Cappelluti if death had not taken him away from us at such a young age. Perhaps he would have been able to achieve the success in the music world to which he seemed to be destined so clearly. Perhaps he would have followed the fate of so many talented artists, held in great esteem by the experts and largely unknown to the public at large. The only thing that a critic can do is analyze as objectively as possible what Christian has left us, a series of songs that bear witness to a constant growth, from his very promising attempts to his last and more mature recordings. Christian's writing, as confirmed by him, was not confined to the melody, the text and a simple harmony. Rather, it provided for a true arrangement, with specific parts for each instrument. "() when I least expect it, the verse or refrain of a song that I have never heard appears in my mind. The part of the song that comes to me through my inspiration is always completely arranged and has vocals. Usually, it's not that difficult for me to develop a whole song from that fragment". The increasingly widespread use of technology, what is defined as home recording, is a method that over the past few years has contributed to changing the "sound" of pop music. Christian had already experimented with it, but it seemed rather aimed at providing arrangement indications to the musicians he wanted to involve in his projects.

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