Christian was a genius, a creative being, an artist, but especially a friend. A friend who has left a trace in my life: a sign of love, friendship and life, an example that will continue to be an inspiration for me. His strong personality, his zest for life, his determination always overwhelmed me. From the very moment I met him, I knew he was someone out of the ordinary. A complex individual, with lots of interests, constantly evolving from a human and cultural point of view. He was gifted with a rare sensitivity, a sensitivity which gave him an extraordinary ability to communicate.
Christian would look you in the eyes and read into your very soul; to me this was his greatest quality.
"True friends don't need to see each other all the time… They communicate with their soul!", he would say to me. His extreme sensitivity necessarily caused him to be creative, an artist. To Christian, the language of music was the language of his choice, also in its religious dimension; he had a real passion for gospels.
In his mind, there was always something that he had to capture at all costs to give it shape in a musical creation. With his music, he felt as if his body was weightless and as if everything followed him, also bodiless.


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