Dear Christian,
nothing in the world could have been less predictable than what is happening at this very moment, writing you while you are no longer with us. But your physical loss will never erase the huge mark that you have left forever in all of us, who never succeeded in keeping up with you, you who were so different and going so fast, while we were mere spectators of something much greater than us, as most things you did. I liked the ways you dealt with others, they way you looked inside them and not outside, as so often happens. This made it easy, if not inevitable, to become friends with you after meeting you, and leaves a memory that lives on inside us, a trace that will never disappear, along with the other very few things that have greatly affected and reawakened our sensitivity with equal intensity. The image I have of you is a man constantly running, who is able to follow his passions completely, without compromises. I would like this, in addition to misfortune, to be the explanation for what happened. You were constantly setting new goals for yourself, while being happy to live in the present, surrounding yourself with things that you liked and that at the same time nourished your curiosity and your desire to constantly learn something new. This, I think, is the truest image; it is the one I always have before me and I want to continue to cherish.


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