Christian was a light child and of course the early dawn attracted him to
her and blessed him with many thoughts and illuminations. I am not sure of the particulars of this passing and maybe will learn later in his works.
Sorry it has taken me so long to respond but just received your letter
days ago and have taken sometime, to reflect on him and his actions.
Christian had depth and consentiation which few people are blessed with.
If he believed in something, you can be sure he thought it out and when
he decided to act, did so with determination and much effort.
We exchanged ideas of many sorts, his knowledge was extensive and
complete for his years.
He was a true friend and was completely devoted to his mother and dad,
I miss him and know he is on a journey that will continue to benefit
mankind and this planet.
Please give my best to his dad and although we only understand in part
now, Christian accomplished much in his short time with us.



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