Chris Cappell - Lasciami correre via
Series "terra&cielo" directed by Laura Pisanello - Edizioni Messaggero Padova

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168 pages 11cmx18cm ISBN 88-250-1069-9
Buy the book online (Amazon - la Feltrinelli - unilibro - IBS - Libreria Universitaria) or ask for it in Sparagna library, Anzio (tel. +39.06.9847364).

New edition available (June 2009)


The book is an antology that includes a hundred Chris Cappell's songs. The songs, still unreleased, are published in english language, the one that Cappell used to compose them.
In his songs Chris express an equivalence between music and life: an unbreakable link from his emotional point of view.

The songs are expressive moments and memories, situations revaling his inner world and his history, his hopes and his dreams.
Music becomes a way to evolve and improve, a sort of "ascesis". (Continue)

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