by Antonio Spadaro S.I.

Christian Cappelluti, or Chris Cappell as he chose to be called as a stage-name, is a unique figure of a young musician. He was born in 1975, and left this world in August 1998 when he was barely 23 years old. It was a brief life, but one that was full, full to overflowing even, marked by a rooted passion for creativity and artistic expression, especially in music. Deep traces of this creative experience remain to us, made up of personal writings and studies, lyrical texts, songs, and more or less systematic recordings.
Christian was a musician of great quality, and his message is emerging strongly, like a drum-beat among those who knew him personally through his songs. He wrote in English, his preferred language. The present volume is in two languages, both to provide access to the original texts and at the same time to offer the possibility of a translation which will be a guide and a help, if and when this is necessary.

Christian always recognised that he was lucky in having a childhood full of possibilities - of gifts, friends, games and fantasies. He wrote “When I was a child I had a dream: to possess a super musical ear. And in the piece “Ain’t a loser”, written in 1989 when he was 14, “now I know my way is the music. Music above everything and beyond every desire: a real passion.

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