Christian’s principal qualities were creativity, imagination and the capacity to “feel” inspiration... With reference to his own music, he wrote:

«It’s as if I had a sort of mental tape-recorder: if there’s a song which is familiar to me I can play it in my head, and for me that’s as pleasurable as if I were listening to it on the stereo. This strange ability, if it’s “creatively activated”, is the basic mode through which my inspiration communicates with me; without any kind of forewarning, when I least expect it, the refrain of a song which I’ve never listened to before comes into my mind. The part of the song which is offered to me by inspiration is always already arranged and complete with words».

The ability of which Christian is speaking here is not just a gift to be accepted passively, but something to be set in motion creatively; to be cultivated, sought after, and then followed up.

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