Christian began playing the guitar when he was eight. And it happened by chance. He’d had a guitar as a present from his father and mother, Adriana and Franco, for Christmas. He remembered that he was a bit disappointed because he didn’t know what to do with it; he would rather have had a game or a bicycle. And he was too taken up with “school, swimming and catechism” to attend a music school. But his uncle Aldo started to play that guitar one day, and little by little Christian learned from him. He christened the guitar Katy. Later on, his real teacher was an eighteen-year old girl from his parish. And finally, a young guitarist gave him a hand as well.
At fourteen, he had started a band with one of his friends, Ivano Pagano (The Promise). He started to study jazz harmony and to arrange and record his own pieces with a multi-track system (so far we’ve written two songs... we’ve put heart and soul into recording them).

At sixteen he studied composition at the Berkley College of Music in Boston, and he began to take an interest in musical production and sound engineering. Here he met up with the activity of David L.Burge, the man who devised courses for training the “absolute ear”, the ear which would recognise sounds instantly.


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