At twenty, Christian began his collaboration with Mina. In fact he collaborated with her in 1995 in her double CD, Pappa di Latte, composing the english version of When You Let Me Go (Cosa resterà degli anni ‘80, by Raf), and the arrangement of Donna, Donna, Donna. Meanwhile his piece, Lemon Girl began to circulate on the american radio.

In the meantime too he had realised the scheme for a CD with the title The Dream of Constance, which was sustained by quite specific ideas and by a strong capacity for organisation and planning. He had already made contact with Kashif, the leading musical producer in California (who produced Whitney Houston and George Benson), and had been presented by Billboard Magazine and Music Biz, two of the best-known musical magazines in the U.S.

For Christian, music was everything. If the reader has any doubt of this, he should read the reply that he gave to an obligatory question in the application for a competition to obtain a study scholarship. The question was this: “Discuss the most important results you have obtained to date (limiting yourself to three or four of these). Describe the importance of your personal commitment in each of the situations you mention”.

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