«The sole most important result achieved in my life coincides with my music [...]. I consider the tapes of my songs as the material witness of the most important outcome of my life, apart from being the dearest things that belong to me. The reason why I think this is that every song gathers up my sentiments and melancholy, hopes and dreams, experiences and ideas, in particular moments of my childhood, adolescence and maturity. Every song contains a story, and every song is part of me. I am very proud to have the capacity to express my thoughts and sentiments in musical form, and to fix them in time by means of a song».

Music is the only significant outcome to such an extent that an equivalence between music and life itself is even suggested. They form an inseparable partnership, especially from the point of view of the emotional life. Christianís songs are not only expressive moments, but places in the memory, and situations revealing his own individuality and his own story: places were hopes and dreams, melancholy, ideas and experience are all perceived.

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