Visions of the sea, the sky and the fields... there is a profound need for “purity” for idealism, for truth and thoughts “which take flight” (Close your eyes). This is the vertical dimension which gives effect to a single desire: “I want to fly” (The morning, the light) and “I’m flying” (Stefania), where flying means a way of living romantically “free and happy”. There is an ideal of purity in this desire, as he writes in the first version of That’s all: “While someone is pure/This world will have a future”. It is interesting to note that in Ain’t a loser Christian identifies flight with music, or indeed with his realised musical vocation: “Towards the heaven I’ve finally jumped/ Tell me I’m not a loser/’Cause now my past is not worth a dump/And I know that my way is the music”.
Lover and music are united in the same metaphor of flight. One song is actually called Fly: “Let a new horizon fly in my mind/Let the past stay behind me/so I can break the chains which bind me”. Christian shows the need for hope, for a “place where I feel strong/ where nothing can go wrong”. In All my world he writes “So I pray you stay and be my northern star/Lead me, guide me with your everlasting light, light”. The Pole Star is not just to contemplate but to follow, in a rising arc towards “new horizons”. The future appears “so bright” (Summer of 87) and the path can be followed by “chasing rainbows” (When she came to see me..).

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