The dream is a very human dimension of life, but one which is transfigured (and so “luminous”) to a level of symbol, desire, tension, of “the above”. The world of the “below”, on the other hand, is the world of the horizontal path, the search, the challenge and the struggle. In the 1997 piece (Searching), we read “A restoring faith/I continue to seek/and when the sun sets/I continue to seek/but I haven’t yet found/my road”. Seven years before this song was composed, in 1990, Christian had written Walking and a-walking: “... please let me choose my way/Walking till I find the way”. And in 1992 “There’s a spirit that’s crying/To break free from the chain/And a light keeps on glowing for you through the wind and the rain” (On the wings of the bluebirds). The path is not marked by a vague optimistic spiritualism. In Christian’s words one can see the effort and the tension of the search and the conquest of a life according to his own personal dream. The climb is an ascent and it is steep. There are no flying carpets or escalators: “I’ve fought for my life” (Povero ragazzo), writes Christian, revealing what he described as the “memories of my struggle” (All my world). Life is not a bed of roses: it is marked by deep tensions, capable of challenging the very essence of human beings, touching them in their deepest and most living inner chords. It is a “spiritual” tension, as we have already seen in On the wings of the bluebirds.

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