To evaluate a musical output like Christian’s, in the light of what has been said so far, means entering into an experience of life and into a sensitivity which feels music not only as a means of expression but also as a way of life, of being, of shaping one’s own existence.
There is a necessity behind the lyrics
- of which we shall try to give some explanation in this introduction - and their melodies. This does not mean that we are faced with a “perfection”, but rather with something very human, for better or worse, which does not involve a departure from the biography of its author. By “biography”, we should understand not only the real facts of his life, but also those of his imagination, fantasy and desire. Thus, for example, a girl from his school whom he did not know (and with whom, incidentally he was never to meet up) became the object of a passionate and idealised love-song. In this way Christian “came to terms” with a revealed and vibrant sentimentality (When she comes to see me...) but one that was transfigured and idealised at the same time. Views and situations revealed are sometimes the product of real experiences (and at times hard experiences, like those linked to emotional solitude), but at other times they are fantasies, or the product of a joy or melancholy which only lives in internal images.

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