The food I need to sustain me so as to be happy is love. Love is an inexhaustible source of life and happiness. Love is an essential thing; life comes after, because we are born for love.

Only with fatih in God and ourselves can we heal certain emptinesses, the obscure parts of our mind.

Lord, help all people to realise themselves and have the chance to spend a whole life according to their ideals.

God is within us, and it is only to us that the task belongs of discovering Him by a process which is not the same for all, but individual, long and difficult, and It's obviousthat faith must be vital in order to be convincing.

In my view it is not true that the only way of arriving at beleif is by being called. We reach God above all through everyday experience, just as we reach the love of God through our love of life.
When we speak of Faith, fear can do nothing against it.

There are motives for happiness in the sun, in the stars, in the sky, in the grass. Happiness is simple: seek it within yourself.

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