My life project:
In my life, whatever career I embark on, I want to achieve one single value:
happiness. I want to achieve my own happiness, and seek to achieve that of
others, and so all the values which contribute in one way or another to this aim
are of fundamental importance, and I'll seek with all my strength to make them
become a reality.
My hierarchy of values is a pyramid in which the base is happiness and
everything connected with it.

My five commandaments: seek your own happyness, don't damage the happiness of others, love others, don't let others down, make yourself as useful as you can.

I think boxing is more or less useless. But this doesn't mean that I'm critical of sportsmen who go in for it. In my view, these sportsmen have made a choice of life.

In all the qualities of the world, I can and must improve. The more I improve, the more I will give.

I would like to become famous one day, without ever appearing in public...

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