In this section, we present some of Chris' texts in their unabridged version, which may be downloaded from the site so that you may read, print or send them to anyone.

1. Letter to Flavia - Chris writes to a dear friend, who goes to school with him and sings in choir with him (1992)

2. Letter Mr. Joe A. Jones - thanking him for the "Jones-Holder Business Scholarship" (1996)

3. Letter to Prof. Kline Harrison - requesting his approval for two study projects (1996)

4. Letter to President Thomas K. Hearn - the day before his college graduation (1997)

5. Excerpts from his next book - which include essays, articles and short stories written by Chris

6. Ethical, Legal and Economic Aspects of Vaccination - Documentation and studies about the dangers of compulsory vaccinations (1996)

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