by Eugenia Sciorilli

To look at the world through the eyes of genius: this is a rare gift, and one which mostly occurs in artists. It did occur in Chris Cappell, the stage-name of Christian Cappelluti, who was born in Rome on 17th August 1975, and grew up in the EUR district, but when the time came for him to go to university, decided to settle in the USA, the place where he would have wanted to spend the rest of his life. That life, however, was cut short in the summer of 1998, during a holiday in Scotland (a country which had a great fascination for him), as a result of a very uncommon form of food allergy.
Christian lived an unusually luminour range of experiences in his short life: exceptionally brilliant in his studies, he won a "summa cum laude" degree; exceptionally thoughtful and attentive to his friends, and for that reason extremely popular; so rich in musical talent that he was in effect a genius; he proved capable of winning the esteem of artists who were already famous and applauded all over the world, such as Mina, the great singer who had no difficulty in spotting in him "a special elegance of thought and in his way of expressing it", as she herself wrote in a letter addressed to his parents as soon as she learned of his death.

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