«This strange ability that I have, when it's set in motion in a creative way, is the basic method by which my inspiration communicates with me: without any forewarning, when I least expect it, the verse or the refrain of a song which I've never heard in my life appears in my head. The part of the song which my inspiration has brought me is always fully arranged, and complete with the words, and usually it's not all that difficult for me to develop a whole song from that fragment».
This natural gift for music-making, however, didn't mean that he didn't dedicate himself to musical studies as well. When he was only 16, in the summer of 1991, he chose the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, to follow the summer session of musical courses, with excellent final marks. And his friend Marta was careful to point out that "musical language for Christian represented a language of election, even in its religious dimension. In fact, during the whole high school period, one important part of his school activity was devoted to the composition and playing of sacred music, which accompanied the celebration of Mass, with a preference for American Gospel Music, of which he was a passionate admirer".
Basically, for Christian as for all artists, music-making was a form of self-expression. It was no coincidence that his last songs are almost prophetic, in the sense that a strong yearning for a world beyond this world, a life beyond death emerges from them.

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