To return to the happy relationship between Christian and his music. At the end of the eighties, his third music instructor Joe was giving him lessons; Joe was born and grew up in Argentina, but he was of Italian origin. At the same time Christian realised that composing music excited him particularly. Let's take a look at these thoughts, which are linked to that period of his life:

«Every time an interesting idea comes into my head, like an original melody, or a fine progression of chords, I take my portable taperecorder, and record myself while I'm playing and singing. Initially I used to find my recordings interesting, but more recently they no longer satisfy me: when I listen to my music in my head, I hear several instruments playing! I'm sure that the music I compose would be far better with a bass, a piano and also with drums. Maybe I should ask Ivano, Maurizio and my other friends if they'd like to form a musical band».

This intention was the spring which set Christian off on the chosen activity of the rest of his life: that of a singer.

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