There's a leitmotiv in Chris Cappell's short but brief artistic journey: the link between his musical inspiration and the sentiments which linked him to female figures. His first love was called Costanza, a little girl who'd only just left primary school, who attracted his emotions because of her appearance (she had blond hair and blue eyes) when he'd just entered the troubled years of adolescence. Then it was the turn of Stefania, who figured a lot in his dreams during his last years in high-school. After that came the turn of Federica to play the role of "musical muse" - they met a few months after Chris enrolled in Wake Forest University, and she is the "lemon girl" who gives the title to one of his songs. With Federica he began an adult love affair, which found its natural outlet in their living together.
His first two loves coincide with the years of junior and senior high school, when Christian came to the attention of his teachers because of his really uncommon intelligence. At the end of the 1980s he was enrolled by his parents in the Scientific High School of the Istituto Massimo, one of the most prestigious private schools in the capital. His literature teacher called him "an attentive and exploratory student, anxious to discover those great little mysteries which lie behind the verses of poets." The deep relationship of esteem and affection between Christian and this teacher, Paola Filonzi, had a particularly happy outcome in the final exams of Summer 1994, when Christian chose a literary theme centered on a text by Manzoni about the unity of language.

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