Since his childhood, Christian always had an extremely explorative and lively temperament, so that he was described as "the tempest". He was always joking or playing tricks, and yet his nature showed itself to be unusually sensitive and gentle; this is what emerges clearly from his childhood diary, which he began to keep in 1983. It's here that we find the most tender expressions of his feelings for his first childhood sweetheart, little Valentina, and observations full of humour, but also affection, about his father, mother, grandmother and his school friends.
The diary was kept up until half way through January 1984. A few weeks earlier, at Christmas, Christian had been given a present by his parents which would have a profound effect on his whole life - a guitar, to which he gave the name "Katy". Some years later, he was to recall the episode in these words:

«It's Christmas Day 1983. I'm eight years old, I'm sitting on the sofa in the living room of my parents' apartment. I'm holding Katy in my arms. I must look quite dumb, while I sit there and stroke her neck with my little fingers, in the embarrassed way a child has. The main reason for my discomfort is that Katy's arrival has been completely unexpected. Five minutes earlier, I would never have imagined doing what I'm doing at the moment - trying out my first guitar».

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