From his teens onward, Christian's life was a whirlwind of happenings, both in the private sphere and in his artistic career.
Usually, one expects an artist to tend to leave aside his academic studies, but in Christian's case, it wasn't like that; in fact the contrary is true. A distinguished record which led to his graduating with top marks in barely three years (with a study scholarship as a reward) was interwoven with a more and more intense search for an individual space in the most ruthless musical scene in the world, that of the USA. Christian felt at home in America. It almost seemed as if his real roots were there rather than in Italy. Mina's son, Massimiliano Pani, says:

«Christian felt himself to be ready-made for the American market, and it was in America that he wanted to win success».

However, before he succeeded in getting a contract out of one of the most influential figures in the US musical world, Owen Sloane, only a few months before his premature death, Christian also made his entry into the Italian musical world, working alongside Mina on the CD Pappa di latte, which came out in 1995 (an experience which led to a close friendship between the two), and with the group The Pooh on one of their tours. Christian accompanied this famous group when he was only eighteen, in 1993.

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