He adds:

«I still don't understand why my mother and father chose a guitar as my Christmas present. Maybe because they didn't know what to give me, and wanted to try to be a bit original. And they were, really: but the sad truth is that I would probably have appreciated more a "normal" present, something like a puppet or a toy or a bicycle...».

So like any other child, Christian is more troubled than enthused by the idea that he has to learn how to play a musical instrument; however, he soon discovers that this new form of learning is something he really loves, to such a point that he leaps ahead even before he reaches his teens, to the realisation that playing has become his favourite pastime - partly because he has discovered that he can find the notes of any song just by listening to it carefully.
Along with his passion for music, Christian also pursued another interest which was to be vital to his future, the study of English. His father Franco says:

«He was so taken with the lifestyle of the USA that I used to tease him by comparing him to the American in Alberto Sordi's film».

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