Christian's analysis was so rich in cultural reference and orginal thinking that it was chosen as one of the best compositions of that year and was published as such by the Ministry of Education.
His love for Federica, on the other hand, was the accompaniment to his university years. In Wake Forest University too, there was great progress and success, including the Wall Street Journal Study Scholarship, and a "Summa cum laude" degree (obtained a year ahead of the normal time for the course). But what strikes one most is the aura of esteem and even admiration with which his professors surrounded him. Witness to this can be found in a letter which the joint President of the University, William S Hamilton, addressed to his parents as soon as he heard the news of his death.

«You must understand that despite the fact that Christian's life was so brief, it was full of meaning, far more satisfying than the life of someone who lives for a hundred years. He enriched my life with his original ideas, and also that of hundreds of our students».

The great gift of being able to apply himself to his studies almost without strain or tiredness may also explain Christian's extraordinary fertility in the field of music. When he was already an adult, and was analyzing the sources of his inspiration, he noted that it was an unpredictable and uncontrollable matter, and he observed:

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