At the end of the rainbow

At the End of the Rainbow

Come with me to the pot1
At the end of the rainbow
Now wish me the best of luck
For there’s something I don’t know
Something you can’t deny
It’s thicker than blood now
Maybe you can survive
But maybe I can’t now
A little sunshine after the rain
A little sunshine when all is in vain
Just let it shine down over my skin
And let it burn the pain within
At the end of the rainbow
Come with me to the pot
Just ‘round the bend now
Way back in school I forgot
And maybe you can now
Don’t give me all that shit
About coming out now
‘Cause in the books that you read
It’s all beyond doubt now
The things that they taught me back in school
They only remind me of those fools
I pray for the sun to kill the pain
To fall down on me now like the rain