The place

The place

Your smile and
your face and
the way you looked
straight into the morning sun
and touch me
like an open book reading
through my mind and my scheming×like nobody had ever done before
used to light up my life with just the sight of
your smile why don’t you go and knock on her door

You found her
She’s waiting
Waiting for
the magic to take her away
to the power you keep
inside you cry and you weep
but you’re still coming back for some more
So you hold on to things
like all your fake could have beens
Why don’t you go now and knock on her door

Say maybe we could find that place together,
is not like it seems

Now don’t you worry about it if I get a kick out of it
the place only exists in your dreams

But remember
Don’t ever ever
ever let it go by
‘ Cause the place isn’t near
so you get rid of your fears
just from today till the day when I die
You’ll never see me again
But don’t you cry in the end
You’ll find the place and you’ll kiss me good bye