Chris Cappell - Lasciami correre via

(By  Antonio Spadaro S.J.)
Series “terra&cielo” directed by Laura Pisanello
Edizioni Messaggero Padova (2001)

Ristampa (2009) Buy the book online, or ask for it in library


The book is an antology that includes a hundred Chris Cappell’s songs. The songs, still unreleased, are published in english language, the one that Cappell used to compose them. 
In his songs Chris express an equivalence between music and life: an unbreakable link from his emotional point of view.

The songs are expressive moments and memories, situations revaling his inner world and his history, his hopes and his dreams.
Music becomes a way to evolve and improve, a sort of “ascesis”.

This volume is targeted to those who are young not because of their age, but instead because they own the capacity to get intrigued and thrilled with unusal spiritual adentures, original inner paths, tuned with expectations and emotions that find their complete and significant expression in the pop music.

Chris Cappell, art name of Christian Cappelluti, was born in Rome the 17th of august 1975. He begins his studies in his native city. During the summer of 1991 he enrolled in a summer session at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.
Afterwards he decides to extabilish in the USA where he attends businnes and music course at the Wake Forest University in North Carolina graduating in just three years.Skilful composer and arranger of new melodies, he began to compose music since he was a child, and in his artistic itinerary he is slowly known as a good musician with a refined soul.
In 1993 Chris Cappell follows the Pooh band in a tournée. In 1995 he co-operates with Mina in the realization of his double-cd Pappa di latte composing and arranging some songs.
In the august 1998, while he was on holiday in Scotland, he dies because of a terrible food intolerance.

The life and a collection of songs that let appear the inner research, the ideals and the hopes of this young pop music composer prematurely died.