Chris wrote songs, letters, pages in his journal, poems, reflections and some essays which reveal his enthusiasm, his passion for inner exploration, his critical sense, his confidence in life and the expectation of something great and final which characterized his existence.

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His project of life

  • In my life, whatever career I embark on, I want to achieve one single value: happiness. I want to achieve my own happiness, and seek to achieve that of
    others, and so all the values which contribute in one way or another to this aim
    are of fundamental importance, and I’ll seek with all my strength to make them
    become a reality.
    My hierarchy of values is a pyramid in which the base is happiness and
    everything connected with it.
  • My five commandaments: seek your own happyness, don’t damage the happiness of others, love others, don’t let others down, make yourself as useful as you can.
  • I think boxing is more or less useless. But this doesn’t mean that I’m critical of sportsmen who go in for it. In my view, these sportsmen have made a choice of life.
  • In all the qualities of the world, I can and must improve. The more I improve, the more I will give.
  • I would like to become famous one day, without ever appearing in public…
  • Growing means always trying to improve oneself.

His faith in God

  • The food I need to sustain me so as to be happy is love. Love is an inexhaustible source of life and happiness. Love is an essential thing; life comes after, because we are born for love.
  • Only with fatih in God and ourselves can we heal certain emptinesses, the obscure parts of our mind.
    Lord, help all people to realise themselves and have the chance to spend a whole life according to their ideals.
  • God is within us, and it is only to us that the task belongs of discovering Him by a process which is not the same for all, but individual, long and difficult, and It’s obviousthat faith must be vital in order to be convincing.
  • In my view it is not true that the only way of arriving at beleif is by being called. We reach God above all through everyday experience, just as we reach the love of God through our love of life.
  • When we speak of Faith, fear can do nothing against it.
    There are motives for happiness in the sun, in the stars, in the sky, in the grass. Happiness is simple: seek it within yoursel

“It’s almost 6 o’clock in the evening and by an hour I think I’ll witness one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.

The power of words

  • The Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier C major prelude is an adventure, a search, a dream and… all togheter
  • Being stubborn isn’t always a bad quality; you shouldn’t accept passively and without verification, statements meant to be taken for granted.
  • One can’t tell people what they should do; you can only tell them a story and hope that it serves them as a lesson.
  • “Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to yourself” is the wisest proverb of all: a rule of life on which human morality is founded.
  • A piece of advice to all: see with your own eyes, not those of others.
  • While having is a transitory and superficial condition, being is a marvellous experience which everyone lives in his or her own way, and it is unique and unrepeatable.
  • Dream to be what you think you can be. Let yourself go, let your mind fly.
  • Human values shouldn’t be measured with money, but by the qualities and capacities of the individual, and all those sentiments which money will never be able to buy because they have no price…
  • I don’t like to judge. What I do is merely to express opinions. My respect for the opinions of people I esteem is great, and in the same way I like to offer my opinions to those who esteem me
  • You gotta make out right, that your life never will be quiet.
  • Poverty does not only mean not possessing, but above all feeling humble, being pilgrims, provisional, without protection and relationships, without fixed residence, aware of their fragility and dependence
  • The path to complete self-realization can not be taught, but it must be discovered by individual research alone.
  • The deliberate consent always manifests itself when something recognizes its opportunity and its coherence.

“At this moment, while I’m writing this letter, I’m on the deck of the “Queen Conch”, a 40 feet catamaran. We’re travelling with a 80 knots wind off Key West, an island in the Caribbean sea 75 miles south of Miami and 90 miles north of Cuba.”

A journey through the past

I concentrate, and it all comes back to me.
I search, and the memories of the past come right away and envelop my mind. My thoughts rediscover far away places and faces, and relive the same past emotions but with greater intensity, due to the sweetness of their remoteness.
I let them caress me.
I dig. Accompanied by the sweetest flavors, I plunge myself into a sea of remote things. The years go by quickly and I quickly reach that place, where memory does not allow me to go any further, where everything becomes vague.
I push, and the waters close above me.
Even the last link that I had with the present breaks. I find myself alone, imprisoned in a very sweet past of things lost forever.

(From Chris’ journal, 3-24-1995)

“My love for Wake Forest is also deeply connected to the beauty of the campus and its surroundings. Places like the Reynolda Gardens or the pond with the ducks at Graylyn Conference Center at sunset, have provided me with the mood and inspiration to write some of what I consider my best poetry and musical works. I hope with all my heart that, at least for as long as I live, the natural beauty that is part of those places will remain untouched.”

The way is never ending

The road goes on endlessly
Far from the door from which it begins
Now the road has run ahead
I must keep up with it at all costs
I must chase it with wings on my feet
Until the crossroads with a wider path
Where trails and paths join
And then where will I go?
Nobody knows
Sitting by the fire, I reflect
On the world that will be
When Winter comes one day
But I don’t see the face of Spring.
Sitting by the fire, I reflect
On the people who lived many years ago
And those who will see a world
That will be unknown to me forever
But as I sit reflecting on time
That has fled so fast, I anxiously listen
And wait for footsteps and voices to return



In this section, we present some of Chris’ texts in their unabridged version, which may be downloaded from the site so that you may read, print or send them to anyone.
Chris writes to a dear friend, who goes to school with him and sings in choir with him (1992) –> Listen to “Su Ali d’Aquila” <–
thanking him for the “Jones-Holder Business Scholarship”(1996)
requesting his approval for two study projects (1996)
the day before his college graduation (1997)
Excerpts from his next book
which include essays, articles and short stories written by Chris
Documentation and studies about the dangers of compulsory vaccinations (1996)
This text illustrates all the steps necessary to give life to a discographic project (1997)
This plan proposes a solution to end gun-related crime in the USA (1996)
The Italian Universities
Story about the hard “daily routine” of italian students and comparison with american universities (1994) –> Video <–
Tribute to the famous band with an autobiographic story (1996)
Interesting critic analisys on this subject in a conference/debate (1995) –
ARA’s thefts
Text of the Public Speaking exam speech about the monopholistic campus firm abuses (1994) –> Guarda il Video <–
Essay on the unknown mysteries and nature’s law that rule universe’s life according to the scientist Carl Sagan (1995)
Remote Recording history and reasons that make this technology so interesting for many music publishers, based on Chris Cappell personal experience as music business-man (1996)
Singular writing that shows Christian’s capacity to undergo an auto-exam exposing the motivations about his choice (1996)
Management document in which Christian analizes the managerial model used by Italian companies performing a comparative confrontation and identifying strenght and weakness points (1996)
Autobiographic document in which Christian reveals how musical inspiration reaches him like a gift (1995)
Autobiographic document in which Christian reveals the birth and the evolution of his musical passion (1994)
The committee requests the applicant to provide a written evaluation of his abilities and achieved goals (1996)
Christian explains, maybe for advertising purposes, how this learning could happen (1996)
My Perfect Pitch project description Absolute Pitch is the ability to recognize actual notes, chords, and music progressions by ear alone, without the help of any instruments (1997)
Interview with advertising purposes on professor Burge’s (author of the course) method. (1997)
Report about a negative groupwork experience caused by the resarch and documentation method chosen by the team and poor organization. (1995)
Positive report of a Business course succesful because of the seminar approach and the interesting covered topics. (1996)
Interesting analysis about Salomon Brothers’ job enviroment, one of the most important Wall Street banks of the 1980s, and personal considerations on the stimulating experience of Michael Lewis. (1996)
Response to a request of advice regarding the implementation of a complete budgeting system for a well known US finance company. (1995)
Demand for application to the Wake Forest – Faculty of Music (1994)