And so we reach the last stage of Christian's existence. While on the one hand there is the sad break-up with Federica, on the other hand there is an unrelenting urge to carve out a space for himself on the musical horizon. The wish was backed up by a strong element of enthusiasm, as Massimiliano Pani remembers:

«His was a sunny, enthusiastic personality, and in him talent was combined with a maturity way beyond his biological age».

The last two years of his life led Christian to pursue with determination and commitment his objective of producing recordings intended for a wide public. This was also the period of his new (and last) love; Antonella, a university student who was at his side during his last hours, in a hospital in Scotland.
Christian's death, as unexpected as it was sudden, was due to a strange and terrible sickness which struck him in the summer of 1998, immediately after consuming a drink based on tomato-juice, bought in a natural food store. His parents were only just in time to reach him while he was still alive, after hours of travel, fraught with anxiety, but their return began a mourning which was against nature itself. Today Christian lies buried beneath a cross surrounded by grass, in the cemetery at Anzio.

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