Luciano Regolo - Storia di Christian.
Ogni vita è per sempre

(preface by Antonio Spadaro S.J.)
Collana “Parole per lo spirito” – Edizioni San Paolo (2018)


Christian was a young man like many others; Christian was one of a kind. Between these two sentences is the existence of a precocious boy, who as a teenager was a poet of love (divine and human) and who wanted to cultivate his vocation as a musician, perceived as a gift for himself and for others; the life of a nowadays young man that, in order to realize his dream, put passion and rigor in every moment of his own short life and was able to leave an extraordinary mark in anyone who has met him or his legacy (today witnessed and carried out by the Foundation and at the classical and musical high school, wanted by his parents), whether they were his friends or his girlfriend, but also music and Church personalities such as Mina, Red Canzian, father Spadaro, His Eminence monsignor Ravasi; until the mysterious testimony of the mystic Natuzza Evolo.

The fascinating and moving parable of Christian is narrated here in over thirteen chapters, through a series of testimonies of those who have been close to him in the various phases of his life. The most different people, of different ages, countries and formation, interviewed to make this book, have all underlined his human and faith wealth, from which his capability to constantly seek contact with other people’s soul stands out.  A capability that his death did not defeat; a gift that belongs to every young person who wants not to take his soul and destiny for granted.

Luciano Regolo, born in 1966, journalist, has worked for various newspapers such as Repubblica, Oggi and Chi. He directed Novella 2000, Eva Tremila and Vip, the newspaper L’Ora della Calabria, receiving in Ischia in 2014 the special prize for the defense of freedom of the press, and then Mate, the first journal of mathematical divulgation.
Since January 15, 2018 is co-editor of Famiglia Cristiana. He has written numerous books on the history of the Savoia family and on the obscure relationship between the monarchy and fascism and, for Mondadori, the best sellers: Natuzza Evolo. Il mircaolo di una vita (2010), Natuzza amica mia (2011), Il dolore si fa gioia: Padre Pio e Natuzza. Due vite, un messaggio (2013), Civitavecchia. Le lacrime della Vergine (2014) and Paravati. Dove la Madonna parlò a Natuzza (2014). For the Edizioni San Paolo he published L’ultimo segreto di Lady Diana (2017).