This website is dedicated to Christian Cappelluti, Roman musician who died at only 23 years old: inside you can find out everything about his life, his music and listen to his songs.


To look at the world through the eyes of genius…

this is a rare gift, and one which mostly occurs in artists. It did occur in Chris Cappell, the stage-name of Christian Cappelluti, who was born in Rome on 17th August 1975, and grew up in the EUR district, but when the time came for him to go to university, decided to settle in the USA, the place where he would have wanted to spend the rest of his life. That life, however, was cut short in the summer of 1998, during a holiday in Scotland (a country which had a great fascination for him), as a result of a very uncommon form of food allergy.

Chris Cappell Let me run away

The book is an antology that includes a hundred Chris Cappell’s songs. The songs, still unreleased, are published in english language, the one that Cappell used to compose them.
In his songs Chris express an equivalence between music and life: an unbreakable link from his emotional point of view.


“Orizzonti Cristiani” 04/01/2002 

radio program




He was an exceptional boy: one of those extremely rare young men who give you some hope that this world, though it’s so compromised, may yet move forward, may yet improve. I loved him, and I delighted in his relation with music, his passion and mine

Red Canzian dei POOH

Chris was absolutely a genius in the musical field, and he also stood out for his really rare depth of thought and sentiment. I could compare him to a romantic poet of the nineteenth century, while in his extraordinary ability to create new melodies which gripped the hearer, I even found myself associating him one day with John Lennon

Christian Cappelluti Foundation


Christian Cappelluti Foundation, established in 2005, has chosen, since its beginning, to support the education of young people by virtue of the Christian's teaching, which has always spent utmost importance to this sector. The activities, spread over three continents, are strongly addressed for this purpose. Examples are the construction of cutting-edge schools, such as the one in Anzio  and the one in Paravur. Foundation also provide researche support and the provision of scholarships.

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