In your eyes

“Nella sua semplicità – Christian era ancora un bambino quando registrava le sue prime composizioni – dà un’idea precisa del suo nascente talento. Non ci sono soltanto la costruzione già corretta della “forma canzone” e il rispetto delle sue regole, ma anche un arrangiamento e un assolo di chitarra piuttosto originale.”

Giancarlo Susanna

In Your Eyes

Will you come along for a ride
Will you come and walk by my side
Don’t you think we’d be right together
Don’t you think it will last forever
You don’t have to blame me, I would rather
Take hold and face the sun,
Gaze at the moon
In your eyes

You give a meaning to my life
You give an answer to my why’s
Ev’ry day my hope slowly dies
And I’m sure I can’t break these ties
Ev’ry night I feel a cut of a knife
Is not the sun, it should be the moon
In your eyes

I know there’s something wrong
These days I feel so blue
There’s someone I’d like to talk to
And I’m sure that you know who

Maybe I’m a fool and you’re right
And I’m getting crazy, that’s true
But your pretty face is so bright
I saw all the attention you drew
In a word you attract me so tight
As to face the sun, gaze at the moon
In your eyes

Why don’t you wait for me
And then ev’rything will be right
Please act more tenderly
So let’s make a truce for a while

Like a disease of the mind
During the night a voice dims in my ears
“Listen to me, I’m sure you had best
Take a vacation and forget the rest.”