“Una bellissima apertura melodica nel ritornello e un bridge del tutto inatteso. E’ senza dubbio una delle composizioni più riuscite di Christian e l’arrangiamento essenziale – voce, chitarra acustica, pianoforte – contribuisce a metterne in risalto la caratura.”

Giancarlo Susanna


Stacey when I see you in the morning
I’ll be about to leave
And you’ll be mourning
It’s gonna be really hard not to be here
It’s almost a world apart but
I’ve got to be there

So will you kiss me goodbye at the station
And give me a letter I’ll read at
My destination?
Will you remember I cried did you hear me?
When we were in bed last night
I thought it would kill me

I’ll be leaving town in the morning
It’s gonna last you’ll hear me calling
You can unravel the twine in the meantime
Don’t let ‘em bring you down
Just hold on to your love and make that light shine brighter

Yes I was leaving that town in the morning
Doing my best to keep from falling
But when you looked at yourself in the mirror
You’d never felt so down
‘ Cause you could still see that bruise so you took the help you could use and…

Now how long ago Stacey I don’t remember
Somewhere way back in June
Or in December
But you just tell me what time and I’ll be there
I haven’t forgotten you
You’d better believe it

Stacey when I’m thinking of you in the evening
It brings it all back again
And I feel like leaving
‘ Cause tears and pain here is all I can find now
And I wear it around my neck
If you don’t mind now

Stacey when I see you again in the morning…