In Christian’s inspiration there is also a “twilight” dimension: melancholy, meditative, seeking to touch the truest chords of reality and of sentiment. This generates a kind of desert island, somewhat solitary, from which to look out at reality and relations. Christian solaces himself with the sourness, the “acidity” of reality, as in Lemon Girl; “hard to bear” (Il prezzo), and “... all I’ve left is pain” (Lemon Girl, second version).

It’s as if the sunny dimension, with its upward gaze was sustained by the perception of a liberation from what is dark and low. In fact flying means rising up from below. The fear is present: “The fashions overwhelm me all around/... Now I fear they’ll come to knock me down/A stir... (Ain’t a loser), but we mustn’t be afraid of falling: “Everything is darkness/Oh but don’t you be afraid/So let your thoughts go/Let ‘em go ahead” (Close your eyes).

The will to rise again, in contact with “below”, lends substance to a kind of “flight from the world”, of abandonment of the world: “Yes, I leave the world/Make sure I’m carrying nothing at all/ I know what I do is fair/’cause my eyes begin to see/And my heart begins to bleed” (That’s all).

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