Multimedia  Library “Chris Cappell”:

Anzio can show off a Multimedia Municipal Library donated by the Cappelluti family, which enriches with this jewel the already splendid “Chris Cappell College”, Lyceum built in the name of their son, a musician, who died at only 23 years old.

The school is among the first in Italy to adopt cutting-edge technological choices to support teaching and to promote communication between school, family and territory, in accordance with the indications of the Ministry of University and Research. The “Chris Cappell” Multimedia Library is the focal point for the aggregation between schools, local authorities and citizens. Open to the public, it has two large and comfortable reading rooms, with 12 multimedia consultation stations and a file storage and retrieval station at the reception. The Library also offers its own research and loan request services online.

In addition to educational texts, fiction, specialized texts for students and all citizens, the Library holds over 12,000 precious volumes of the historic “Piale Library” and provides users with multimedia collections consisting of on-line databases and collections of specific topics such as music, art, etc.

The Library also provides the most advanced listening and viewing systems, in a new and modern Audiovisual Hall, where the entire collection of CDs, videocassettes and DVDs by Christian Cappelluti is kept and accessible. The Multimedia Library is set up as a basic information and cultural service to be rendered to the community. It guarantees everyone the right to access culture and information and promotes the development of communication and the cultural and civil growth of citizens. It favors the development of access services to electronic resources in a process of integration with traditional resources.

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MARCH 15, 2003


Intervento di Gianfranco Fini

Intervista ai signori Cappelluti

Intervista all'ing. Mario Pitassi

Intervista alla preside Simonetta D'Aleo

La sorprendente infrastruttura informatica


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