When you let me go

(words by Christian Cappelluti)

When you come around

When I saw you smiling
Not too long ago
Everything was brighter
How was 1 to know?
That before too long you’d be changing
Someone else was there
Now you must confess that it’s so much less
Than you once used to care

You can tell me that I’m crazy
But you know it’s true
I don’t want to wait till tomorrow
So tell me what to do
But if you’re taking for granted
That I came here to stay
Sorry baby but now you’re wrong
I have to say


When you let me go
I’ll be gone forever
If you let me know
Things can’t be the same
When you let me go
Then it’s now or never
If you let me know
I’ll forget your name

Some people say that it happens
Like a strange disease
Nobody knows what the cure is
You’re just down on your knees
And I still can’t help believing
Soon we’ll both be fine
But then I guess now there’s someone else
Out there who holds the line

Why did you think we could make it
And why did you tell me so?
Now it’s time for you to say
“I plan to let you go”
Even if it’s harder than ever
And that’s the price you pay
Late is better than never you know
So please tell me today


When I’m not there you’ll be dying
But I know you won’t complain
‘Cause it’s easier this way I believe it
When there’s no one left to blame
That’s why I want you to know this
That I will forget your face
And all the things that we’ve ever known
You can keep them at your place
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
There’s no way to make it better now
If you ever let me go
Won’t you leave before too late
Right before I start to cry
Never thought after all we’ve been through
We would ever say good bye.